Here are pictures of some of the woodworking projects

I've completed in the past year or so. 

Now that we've been in our new house for about 16 months I've finally gotten around to straightening out my workshop area and setting up my power tools.  Since that shop was a BIG selling point that Marcia used to convince me to build the house I figured it was time to actually use it.  So, given that Marcia has been hounding me for years to build her a sewing cabinet, it was time.  She found a plan she liked and I ordered it about January 2, 2007.  It then took me a month to get motivated and I started sawing and gluing about Feb. 12, 2007.  I turned the finished product over to my sweetie on March 20, 2007 and I think she liked it . . . a lot!  Take a look.

Here's the cabinet on Feb. 13, 2007.  Some 85+ pieces.  Lots of sawing.

We've always wanted a vessel sink so the new house gave us the opportunity to get one.  I built this and Marcia did the finish work on the vanity itself.  It's supposed to have a "distressed" look.  The top was glued together using 1" thick oak and walnut pieces that came from the same rental house as the oak used in the rolling cart top.  (see below)

We had a late 2006 Christmas with Tyler, Brent & Amber but non-the-less exciting.  And better yet, Tyler stayed with us for a few days over New Years.  We gave him the big John Deere BUT then he needed a trailer to pull.  We couldn't find one that was priced less than a used car so I built him one.  He thought it was great but it had to be painted RED, his favorite color.  So red it is.


October 2007

One of our neighbors finished out the lower level of their home and were challenged with how to provide access to what is an egress window which is 6' off the floor.  They wanted some type of ladder but didn't want it to permanently occupy floor space when not in use.  After much "thinking" I came up with a rather unique solution.  The ladder normally hangs flat against the wall from the upper set of "hooks".  When the bottom of the ladder is pulled away from the wall, it automatically drops to the lower set of hooks and is ready for climbing.  This can easily be done by a child if necessary.




A DVD/CD tower for Erin Prazan who promised her Mom she would keep her room clean if she just had some where to store her DVD's & CD's.  We'll wait for a report on that.  

The tower will hold 54 DVD's and 31 CD's.


And .... here's the latest report with before


and after pictures.  Amazing what a little extra storage space will do for a room.  Nice job Erin!

A rocking horse for Tyler which he rides frequently.  Even before his feet touched the "stirrups" he just sort of wrapped his legs around "Princes" neck and galloped away.


Tyler's customized ( T ) stool.

Christmas 2003

A booster chair for Tyler.  I made this out of rough cut ash that Tom bought at an auction.  Except for the seat which is walnut.  Notice the curved back rest.

Media cabinet under construction.  
This is one of my more ambitious projects.  The shelves and doors are 1/4" plate glass and I've since added a pullout drawer in the space below that holds CD's.

Marcia always wanted a hallway table.  Tall and narrow that matched our mission furniture.  Here it is.

This cart is very handy in the kitchen.  The top is made from a 1" x 6" oak board that is obviously very old.  We got that board with a rental house we owned in Omaha.  We bought that house some 18 years ago from an elderly gentleman who was a finish carpenter and he had saved a number of "special" pieces of lumber which he left in the attic of the house.  The drawer is dovetailed and notice how the grain matches to the point that the drawer is nearly invisible?

Thanks to Mark & Nola for the use of their fantastic dovetail jig.  A very cool accessory. 

Now here's a piece you don't often see.  I call it  "the floating closet" as it's not fastened in place and can be pushed around, with some effort.  Behind the sliding doors are 5 * 24" wire shelves.  Our bedroom had lots of room but little closet space so this was the answer. It also features an arched niche that displays a special porcelain figurine which came from my Mother which she got from my Dad's aunt Olive Schulz.  Marcia always loved that piece ........  The thing about this closet is that I built it in the bedroom and it won't fit thru the doors.  So if the next owner wants it gone they'll have to rip it apart.



And then there's my snowflakes.  Every several years I get the urge to replenish our supply.  It's kind of fun to make these things and people seem to enjoy getting them.  I've probably made 200 or more.  Put in your orders.

PS:  The nickel is for size comparison, not price. ;-)




I built this mantel a number of years ago to replace the "chunk of wood" installed by the home builder.  I also made and installed one as a Christmas present to a former neighbor.



This coffee cup rack is pretty simple and very functional.  As you maybe can tell, I like any history as much as building the end product.  This rack is made of scrap maple boards that Dad collected from Don Lentz the builder in Pierce, NE.  Dad gave me about 20 of these 18" 1 x 4's a looooong time ago and they have found their way into several little projects of mine.